Becky's Run to support pediatric cancer research

On May 28, 2016, Becky Mudd; a mother, grandmother, sister and daughter, will channel her passion for running to benefit others who are running a marathon of their own — those who fight pediatric cancer. Becky has planned out a route and will run across southern Utah, from St. George, Utah to the Colorado border (over 430 miles) in just 15 days. That is over a marathon a day! Along the route, she will be advocating for the advancement of research specific to pediatric oncology, and spreading the word of the valuable work of the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

Donate to support pediatric cancer research.

Give today for more tomorrows.

Pediatric Cancer Research Fund Your support helps fund life-saving research.

Visit Becky’s donation page on the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation website.

Mission: To raise awareness and funds for children’s cancer research.

Goal: To run from St. George, Utah to the Colorado border — approx. 430 miles.

Becky Mudd Runs for Gold
Becky Mudd Runs for Gold

Two ways you can help

Donate to the PCRF

Please be generous in donating directly to the Pedriatic Cancer Research Foundation via Becky’s donation page. PCRF mobilizes philanthropic support to benefit and advance funding research that leads to curing childhood cancers.

Help Becky in her Run for the Gold

Becky’s Run for Gold would not be possible without donated supplies and the support of volunteers behind the scene making this ambition journey attainable. Please visit our How to Help page to see how you can help

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