Hi friends,

In 2015, many of you followed me as I ran from Huntington Beach, California to Parker, Arizona in nine days, 262 miles. That is a little over a marathon a day! Along the route, we advocated for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and the advancement of research specific to pediatric oncology. But…my deep desire and need to do more for the victims of children’s cancer has not lessened.

When I completed my run across California in April, 2015, I felt a bit of a sense of personal accomplishment but I did not feel fulfilled. I felt great about all that we had accomplished as far as awareness is concerned and so grateful and humbled by the amount of money that was raised for research, but I had such a strong feeling of how much farther we had to go. There is so much work to be done.

A great finishIn May of 2016 I will set out on another adventure. I will be running across the southern part of the magnificent state of Utah, starting in St. George and finishing at the Colorado border. That will include running through the great 5 national parks. I will have more detailed information to share over the next couple of weeks.

I’m so excited about planning this next adventure and sharing it with all of you. The greatest privilege for me this time will be the opportunity to meet the family of a little boy whom I grew to love very much, who was taken by DIPG 2 years ago. That precious boy’s name is Alex and his family lives in Utah. Meeting the Terry family will mean more to me than I can say. Alex is one of way too many children taken too soon. We must be a voice for these children. For our children!

I would also at this time, like to invite anyone who would be interested in taking part in this awesome adventure in any capacity to please contact me. Thank you all so much! As I have more information, I will share it.

Are you ready?? Let’s do it again!!!