Good morning!

The last few weeks have been packed full! Very busy work weeks, training, physical therapy appointments to stay injury free as I build my weekly mileage, spending time with my loved ones and oh yeah, eating, sleeping and trying to rest a little bit here and there.

Scenic Utah The planning for this endurance event is going well. Being so far from where I will be running requires a lot of communication with many different people in the Utah area. I must say that every single person that I have communicated with, has been wonderful! Helpful, kind and extremely supportive. I am really looking forward to spending time in Utah.

Some fun fact about the route that I will be running:

The population of the largest city that I will be running through is St. George, 76,817.

The town with the least population is Hatch, with 127 residents. Cainville and Crescent Junction have no registered population and I will even be running through a ghost town, Cisco!

The highs and lows: The lowest elevation during my run will be 2582 ft. The highest elevation will be 9600 ft. Yep!

Check out ZION 8K by More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.