How to Help

Beautiful Cascade in Coyote Gulch for Becky Mudd's Run for the Gold to support cancer research

Help the effort to find a cure.

Please donate to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation via Becky’s own donation page on the PCRF website.

Becky Mudd's Run for Gold

How else can I help?

Becky’s Run for Gold would not be possible without donated supplies and the support of volunteers behind the scene making this ambition journey attainable.

Support is needed for Becky’s run to cover the cost of food and lodging for Becky and the volunteers. Additional costs include the rental and gasoline for the van that will follow Becky on her trek.

If you are able to support the run with gasoline gift cards or other donated supplies, please contact Becky at or call 949-230-5730.

Financial support for the run can be made through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required and payments can be made with any major credit/debit card.

Donate via PayPal