Special Thanks

Bryce Canyon, Utah, Becky Mudd runs for Pediatric Cancer Research Fund


I switched to CarboPro six or so months ago. I love it! I like being able to control how many calories and carbohydrates I will need based on the time, distance, terrain, etc. for any particular run or bike ride. It’s the best product that I have found for sustained energy with no GI issues, a problem that I have had with other products.

Additionally, when I contacted the folks at CarboPro, told them how well their product works for me and shared my upcoming endurance event with them, they were very happy to donate what I will need to sustain me during the event. Wonderful people! Visit them today — tell them Becky sent you.




Carbo Pro

Global Formula’s Bio Repair

Something that we often neglect is recovery following workouts. My dear friend, whom I have known 15 or so years has formulated this wonderful product, Bio Repair, that really speeds up my recovery. It’s so important for me to be able build my weekly mileage with as little fatigue as possible. I couldn’t do it without Bio Repair!

Check out Bio Repair and Jacob’s other products at www.globalformulas.com. Great products and I’ll also add that Jacob is a great guy!





Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center

As an endurance athlete, Becky understands the importance of keeping her body in great working order, so that she can continue to train and increase her mileage as she gets closer and closer to the big run. Thanks to Dr. Rafa and his staff at Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center, Becky receives regular “tune-ups” which include chiropractic care and deep tissue massage to keep her body in tip-top shape to keep her running toward her goals. Visit Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center to learn more about the services offered at GRWC and make sure you tell them that Becky sent you!

To receive a free 30 minute hydrotherapy massage session at Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center as a gift from Becky, text: RELAX  to: 313131.


Pediatric Cancer Research Fund

Also, another huge thank you to PCRF! Some of the kindest people I have ever known!